The most famous woman in the world, JACQUELINE BOUVIER KENNEDY, mid-30’s, touches down in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to tour the ancient Khmer ruins at Angkor Wat. Still at the height of her legendary beauty, she is deeply troubled four years after Dallas – sleepless, suffering migraines, aimlessly traveling, desperate to forget the past.

LORD DAVID HARLECH, late-40’s, a childhood friend of JFK, accompanies her, hoping the trip will restore him after the recent death of his wife. A war-hero and TV pioneer, as much at ease as British Ambassador to the Kennedy White House as he is with The Beatles in Swinging London, he is now on a secret diplomatic mission to help resolve the treacherous conflict in Vietnam.

Under the spell of the mysterious ruins and far from the hysteria of “Jackie-mania”, JACKIE discovers herself, opening up to DAVID, drawn for the first time in her life to a man that can understand her fully and all that she has endured. Their passion catches her unaware and melts her icy control, leaving her euphoric and exposed…